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Every baby is an angel, bringing happiness and joy, and enriching life!



Hi, I'm Cyndi Chiang, Senior Babysitter

The manager Cyndi is a very experienced senior babysitter, a post-80s mother who loves life, loves children, loves to share and loves to toss, and has multiple identities. She was born in a financial investment bank and has been engaged in financial work for more than ten years. I have worked in Lujiazui, Shanghai for many years, and have established several brands in the United States, all of which have become benchmarks in the industry. I hope that through my own efforts, I can effectively reduce the chaos of the confinement club in Los Angeles. Jiaduobao knows that what you see is what you get. The importance of confinement to pregnant women, Girls Help Girls, will give you and your wife the most comprehensive protection and care.

Can be customized

High-end private garden private pool detached villa, in the center of Irvine, Los Angeles, only 8 minutes away from Hoag Hospital, within walking distance to the shopping district, the community is safe and quiet, it is the best place for you to go to the United States to give birth and local confinement choose


Grand Suite Package


Exquisite Middle Suite Package


Garden View Junior Suite Package


Pink elegant room package


Balcony Room Package

Sleeping baby

Our contact information:001-469-586-8728​ (USA)

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