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About JiaDuoBao


Cyndi Chiang

Senior Babysitter

Jiaduobao Confinement Club is a high-end direct-operated confinement club located in Irvine, Los Angeles, USA. It is positioned as a mid-to-high-end confinement and medical group in the United States. It can be customized privately and has multiple modes to choose from. It is the first "holiday-style childbirth" The concept of providing expectant mothers with a safe, comfortable and leisure life during pregnancy; and providing one-stop medical services for childbirth in the United States. Provide one-stop services for families going to the United States to give birth, from visa processing to air ticket ordering, insurance, customs entry, confinement clubs, doctor hospital selection confirmation, certificate processing and return home consultation.
We serve Chinese people all over the world. We are a team that attaches great importance to service quality. The direct sales model gathers American obstetrics and gynecology experts, pediatric experts, gold medal confinement sisters, the highest-level babysitters in the country, and chef-level catering. The four-to-one service model is very In the family workshop mode, a caring service team is formed to provide all-round care, and we will do our best to escort your childbirth in the United States.

We do not fight price wars, and focus on quality management. Private gardens and private swimming pools are suitable for mid-to-high-end customers who are pursuing quality of life. While taking good care of pregnant women and babies, we also have test tube and surrogacy services, as well as surrogate babies. Care and delivery services, all confinement maids are legally qualified and experienced confinement maids.

The manager, Cyndi, is an experienced senior babysitter, a mother of second child, who loves life, loves children, loves to share, and loves to toss. At the same time, she has multiple identities. She has been working in finance for more than ten years. I have worked in Lujiazui, Shanghai for many years, and have established several brands in the United States, all of which have become benchmarks in the industry. I hope that through my own efforts, I can effectively reduce the chaos of the confinement club in Los Angeles. Jiaduobao knows that what you see is what you get. The importance of confinement to pregnant women, Girls Help Girls, will give you and your wife the most comprehensive protection and care.

our philosophy

​Resort-style confinement experience, soothing the body and mind of pregnant women and parturients in the best environment, professional confinement maids, chefs, housekeepers, and drivers take care of them in every possible way, thinking what customers think.

From prenatal to postnatal needs, we provide seamless one-stop services. Caring for the overall health of mothers and babies; providing high-standard peace of mind for families with exquisite and exclusive services.

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